Get the Emergency Cash You Need — Fast!

When a financial emergency hits — you need two things:

1. A fast and easy loan approval process

2. Access to your cash ASAP

We offer both.

In as little as 60 seconds complete a secure online application and have it sent to dozens of lenders ready and willing to give you a loan — even if you’ve been turned down by traditional lenders for bad credit.

In just 24 hours — sometimes the same day — the lender deposits the money directly into your bank account.

Easy to Qualify

You can skip the hassles of driving to bank after bank, filling out tedious paperwork over and over, and having your credit pulled multiple times. In fact, most of our lenders don’t even look at your credit.

You only need two things to qualify:

1. A job with a consistent paycheck

2. An active bank account

If you meet both of these requirements, you’re likely less than 24 hours way from getting the cash you need for whatever emergency you are facing.

Why choose

Online Application Gets You In Front of the Right Lenders –Fast

You only input your information one-time on a secure, easy-to-complete online application. Your application goes to dozens of online lenders to find the best match. Within minutes, you’re likely to receive multiple loan offers. Now, all you have to do is select the one with the best terms and interest rate.

Be Smart

As you review the loan offers, make sure you pay attention to the interest rate, any upfront costs, and the repayment period. Lenders must follow strict guidelines so it should be very clear to you. If you don’t understand something ask questions. A good lender will be more than willing to explain everything.

It’s better to choose a longer payback period if you know you can’t pay the loan back in one pay cycle. This eliminates having to extend your loan later, which can cost you more in loan fees. The key to managing your loan properly and saving money is to pay it back on time, according to the original terms. This enables you to avoid extra fees and shows creditors you can handle a loan.

Raising Your Credit Score

By paying on time, you can raise your credit score. Most lenders report your timely payments to the credit bureaus and this causes your credit score and rating to go up. This makes it easier to get a traditional loan next time you have a cash crutch or even qualify for a low-interest credit card.

Complete the Online Application to Get Started

Act now to get the cash you need in the next 24 hours. Simply complete the secure online application to start the process.

Still have questions? Here are the ones asked the most.

Why are interest rates higher than traditional, credit-based loans? Credit scores show lenders whether or not a borrower is likely to pay a loan back on time. But, sometimes, things happen and credit reports are not an accurate overview of your creditworthiness. Unfortunately, most banks are locked into a certain way of approving loans so if you have average to poor credit you can’t get approved at all. Our lenders look at other factors — your job and ability to handle a bank account. However, since they don’t consider your credit report they take a bigger risk when lending so they charge more for the loan. The alternative is not lending to anyone with credit issues.

Does it cost anything to submit an online application? Absolutely not. You don’t pay anything until you have a loan commitment. Than any fees and loan costs are usually built into the loan payment.

How bad can my credit be? Since most lenders in our network don’t review credit reports it doesn’t really matter how low your score is. The key is having a job and a consistent paycheck of at least $1,000 a month. This is what our lenders base their lending decisions on.

Are there any other requirements? Just basic ones. You need to be a legal adult (18 years old) and you also have to be a U.S. citizen.

What if I can’t pay the loan back? Think ahead now. If the loan is due in two weeks and you’re not sure you can make the payment with enough left for regular living expenses, you need to have a plan. Ask for over-time or extra hours at work. Get a part-time job. Sell something you no longer need. The key is to do something right away, so you have the extra money when the payment is due.