Direct Lenders

Apply for Payday Loans with Our Direct Lenders

A lot of customers suffering from bad credit prefer to obtain payday loans from direct lenders. There is an inherent level of trust and security while doing business with a lender having a strong track record and an outstanding reputation in the loans marketplace. We have created a robust system that allows you to obtain loans from direct lenders.

There are several benefits of working one-on-one with a direct lender: Lower interest rates, free quotes, competitive terms, higher loan amounts, fast access to cash, streamlined reporting and easy process.

How We Connect You with Direct Lenders

When applying for a loan through our website, you will be saving yourself the time you might have spent digging through information about various loans and lenders, completing their individual applications and customized questionnaires, undergoing extensive credit checks with lender, facing numerous rejections, as well as possible disappointment and frustration.

We have found a very simple way to save you all of the trouble by creating the perfect platform for borrowers to access only the most reputable lenders.

Accessing our network of lenders is fairly simple: Take a few minutes to fill our our site’s thirty-second application form to provide some basic information about your loan requirements. We will use this form and send it over to our large network of lenders. That’s it — in thirty seconds you will then be able to contact numerous lenders, which would have otherwise taken you countless hours to accomplish.

Our services have always been free for customers, and will remain that way. You don’t have to pay us to either receive quotes from our lenders or to use our website and tools.

Receive Free Quotes from Our Lenders

Up until recently, lenders were notorious for rejecting even qualified applicants simply because they suffer from bad credit, but with us on your side, you are in charge! You will receive free quotes from at least three direct lenders. Once that is done you can review the terms and conditions, compare the different offers you have received, and choose a lender you want to work with. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

Read the Pledge: We promise to connect with you with the most reputable lenders in the market.

In furtherance of this pledge, we not only offer you the ability to compare quotes from direct lenders but also empower you with the latest information about the payday loans marketplace.

If You are Still Not convinced

We create a platform where lenders compete for your business. How we do that? We match our applicants with a lenders who offer services to individuals in a similar financial setting. These lenders will then compete with each other, since they want to outperform one another in generating payday loans, they will be naturally inclined to lower their prices, improve their terms, and provide you with an overall beneficial package. Our borrowers get the to benefit from this fierce competition and take advantage of lower rates and better terms.