About Us – PaydayLoansOnline.org

Over fifteen years back, PaydayLoansOnline.org was established for the sole purpose of helping you achieve your financial goals. PaydayLoansOnline.org is a very unique site where you can obtain free payday loan quotes, apply for payday loans online, and obtain short term cash advance loans for all your short term financial needs.

Since the past fifteen years, we have won several accolades from our peers and our customers. In fact, a vast majority of our site’s users are either referrals from previous customers or clients who have used our services on a prior occasion. This is the primary reason we are the undisputed leader in the online payday loans marketplace.

PaydayLoansOnline.org was founded by a passionate netpreneur and loans expert Matthew Hamilton who has been in the online loans marketplace for over fifteen years. During the past fifteen years, Hamilton has released a suite of powerful payday loan comparison tools, exclusive insider tips, how to advice, and other pieces of content to benefit individuals interested in applying for payday loans. Due to his experience and innovations, the site has grown to accommodate tens of thousands of customers and is a preferred destination for payday loans. Hamilton has also appeared on top media destinations and is often called on to provide opinions and information about loans and loan-related products.

Us versus direct lenders

Unlike direct lenders, we do not underwrite loans. If you were to visit a lender your options would be limited to the products offered by the particular bank or lending institution. With us, however, you get to compare free payday loan quotes from multiple lenders and apply for a payday loan online with the provider that best matches your financial situation and your requirements. It is that simple. We are all about options — more options.

How do we operate?

We do this for a living. We create extremely complex algorithms to match you with a bank that specializes in providing short term payday loans for individuals with your needs. When you submit your online payday loan application, our system will automatically search our humongous database of payday loan companies and match you with the one that specializes in catering individuals within your niche.

At our end it is a fairly complex operation but for you it is easy as 1, 2, 3. Apply for payday loans online, compare free payday loan quotes from multiple lenders, ask questions, resolve pressing issues, and get a quick cash advance deposited directly into your bank account within twenty-four hours. Three simple steps! That’s it.

How is our performance

Well, to the best of our knowledge, we have no derogatory rating with any major consumer bureau. Furthermore, our company has consistently received positive reviews from both consumers and lenders. Even better — over 80 percent of our customers will refer a friend or loved one to our service. That’s all we need. Your trust — and you have ours!