Why Us

Why choose paydayloansonline.org to get free payday loan quotes and offers

We could go on and on about why you should be choosing paydayloansonline.org to receive your free payday loan quotes. While we understand why you would answers to such a question, instead of tooting our own horn, we will share the feedback provided by our customers over the past fifteen years.

PayDayLoansOnline.org saves you interest rates

Every time you need to make a purchase, what do you do? You try to obtain quotes from multiple service providers, right? Whether you are buying a car or a new house (or even choosing a doctor), you visit multiple service providers, compare their offerings, obtain a detail list of prices and services, and then pick the one that serves your needs, right? That is exactly how our service works.

There are several ways in which we save you on interest rates. First, we connect you with lenders who offer low interest loans. Second, we negotiate with lenders on your behalf to ensure that only the most competitive lenders are in our network. Third, we allow you to compare multiple lenders and obtain free quotes.

Reason #1: PayDayLoansOnline.org helps you connect with the top payday lenders. We are experts. Remember, we work with pay day loan companies every single day. Our experts do this for a living! On our site, you are bound to save hundreds of dollars by obtaining low interest rate loans.

PayDayLoansOnline.org is completely free — yes, absolutely free … you don’t pay a dime

Why would you want to pay a broker, third party intermediary or a shady lender when you can obtain free pay day loan quotes at our site for the priceless bargain of $0? Finally, zero has some value!

Unlike questionable companies, we do not play with our review system. Honest, unbiased reviews from actual customers (not paid reviewers) is what you will find on our site. This is the only way to maintain the integrity of our system and provide you with the best service possible.

Reason #2: PayDayLoansOnline.org is absolutely free. Free quotes, free comparisons, free reviews.

PayDayLoansOnline.org has been around for a long time, we enjoy a reputation

After nearly fifteen years in business and zero complaints, we must be doing something right. Nearly, 60 percent to 80 percent of our business comes from previously satisfied customers. That must tell you something about the value we offer, right?

Nearly fifteen years back, our company was founded by Matthew Hamilton, who is a well-recognized loans expert in our industry. Having created several systems and services in the online loans area, Hamilton recently put all his expertise to work in order to create this site.

Reason # 3: PayDayLoansOnline.org is a reputable destination to connect with the country’s top lenders. We work hard not only to serve you, but also to protect our reputation. We wouldn’t stake our reputation for anything.

We can add many more reasons but hopefully these three reasons would have eased any concerns you may have about PayDayLoansOnline.org. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.